EYE Beacon

New Bluetooth Low Energy ID beacon. The ideal beacon for identifying and inventorying small equipment, such as goods, tools, and various equipment. Waterproof, long range, 10 yrs battery life, mobile app for configuration and data scanning

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Perfect for traceability use cases, delivery tracking, monitoring of various movable objects in logistics (trailers, containers), agriculture (tractor attachments), and constructions (tools and inventory). Also, it suitable for indoor tracking solutions for items tracking in warehouses, hospitals, transport hubs and other types of industrial areas.

EYE beacon supports iBeacon and Eddystone protocols. The device is fully compatible with the Teltonika firmware platform which provides extended functionality. Configure, scan, and update anytime anywhere with a dedicated Teltonika mobile app.

Note: The device is sealed, so if the device does not respond or does not work, please contact us for an RMA or you can purchase a new device.


Magnet detection


Eddystone, iBeacon, and Custom protocols to make it suitable for applications you need


Battery lifetime up to 10 years reducing the financial and environmental cost


Robust and waterproof IP67 casing enhancing longevity


Android and iOS compatible apps for fast and easy configuration on the go


Compact size and can be conveniently mounted in 4 different ways to make it all-rounder suitable for various use cases

Item ID 102576
Condition New
Model BTSID17RE502
Manufacturer Teltonika
Manufacturing country Germany
Content 1 piece
Weight 100 g


Product Specifications

Beacon ID Yes
Sensors Magnet detection
Scenarios Tool tracking, RSSI indoor tracking, Equipment tracking, Mobile objects tracking, Medical equipment tracking, Smart agriculture, Smart manufacturing
Sleep mode Hibernate
Configuration and firmware update EYE APP
Microcontroller ST Microelectronics BlueNRG-2
Bluetooth® Bluetooth® 4.2
Range 80 m
Sensitivity -88 dBm
Transmission power level Up to 8 dBm
Battery and power
Type Lithium / Manganese Dioxide
Capacity 600 mAh
Battery life
  • 4 years (Tx=2dBm; interval 3s)
  • 8 years, (Tx=2 dBm; interval: 5s), DEFAULT
  • 10 years (Tx=2dBm; interval 10s)
Physical specification
Dimensions 56.6 x 38.0 x 13.0 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 18 g
Ingress protection IP67
Mounting Two mounting points on each side
Marking Available branding customisation upon request
Environmental requirements
Operational temperature -20 °C / +60 °C (-4 °F / +140 °F)
Humidity (non-condensing) From 0% to 100%
Protocol compatibility


*EYE APP on iOS doesn't show devices with iBeacon protocol

Eddystone Yes
Sensors (custom) Yes
Certification & approvals
Certificates E-Mark (EU), FCC (USA), CE/RED (EU), RoHS (EU), REACH (EU), Anatel, IP rating, SIRIM QAS, SDPPI POSTEL