RYS8839: Ultra-Low Power, L1 L5 Dual-Band Multi-Constellation + 1.8V GNSS Module

Ultra-low power, L1 L5 Dual-band multi-constellation +1.8V GNSS module

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The RYS8839 is an ultra-low power, L1 L5 Dual-band multi-constellation GNSS module. It also has integrated digital noise filters for coexistence with other radio systems.

◆ SONY CXD5610GF Engine.

◆ A L1 L5 Dual-band GNSS receiver.

◆ Supports multi-constellation: GPS(L1C/A,L5) GLONASS(L1OF) BeiDou(B1I. B1C, B2a) Galileo(E1, E5a) QZSS(L1C/A, L1S, L1C/B, L5) NavIC(L5) SBAS(L1)

◆ Embedded digital noise filters and spectrum analyzer.

Item ID 101660
Condition New
Model RYS8839
Manufacturer Reyax
Manufacturing country Taiwan
Content 1 piece
Weight 110 g
Net weight 100 g



Item Min. Typical Max. Unit Condition
Power Supply Voltage 1.75 1.8 1.85 V VDD


GNSS continuous mode

Item Min. Typical Max. Unit Condition
Satellite acquisition Current   24   mA L1+L5 Acquisition
Satellite tracking Current   16   mA L1+L5 Acquisition with 64-SV
Idle Current   2   mA Waiting for command
Default Baud Rate   115200   bps 8,N,1
Digital input level high 0.7*VDD   VDD+0.3 V VIH
Digital input level low -0.3   0.3*VDD V VIL
Digital output level high 0.8*VDD   VDD V VOH 2mA
Digital output level low 0   0.2*VDD V VOH 2mA
GNSS Center Frequency   1176.45
  MHz GPS L5
Navigation update rate   1 25 Hz  
Accuracy   1   M L1 L5 Signal strength is -130dBm
Cold starts   24   Sec. L1 L5 Signal strength is -130dBm
Hot starts   1   Sec. L1 L5 Signal strength is -130dBm
Tracking Sensitivity   -167   dBm  
Hot starts Sensitivity   -163   dBm  
Cold starts Sensitivity   -149   dBm  
Operating Temperature -40 25 +85 ˚C  
Dimensions         11mm*8mm*2.2mm
Weight   0.8   g