RYAGN3D: L1/L5 multi-band high precision GNSS Active Antenna (RYS8839_LITE)

L1/L5 multi-band high precision GNSS Active Antenna (RYS8839_LITE)

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The high performance RYAGN3D L1/L5 multi-band high precision GNSS active antenna with integrated low-noise amplifier (LNA) & Filter is the perfect match to any L1/L5 multi-band receivers where high sensitivity and optimum sky coverage are essential.

◆ Built-in low noise amplifier with 30dB gain and 1dB noise figure
◆ 3M coaxial cable
◆ Magnetic base suitable for mounting on car roof.
◆ Industrial temperature range: –40° C to +85° C
◆ Wide range of supply voltage: +2.7 to 5V
◆ Low power consumption.
◆ Dual-band(GPS and GLONASS).

Item ID 101709
Condition New
Manufacturer Reyax
Manufacturing country Taiwan
Content 1 piece
Weight 110 g
Net weight 100 g
Customs tariff number 85177900


Item Min. Typical Max. Unit Condition
Operation Voltage +2.7 +3.3 +5 V  
Current   10 15 mA  
Center Frequency   1561±2.046   MHz L1 Beidou
Center Frequency   1575.42±1.023   MHz L1 GPS/Galileo
Center Frequency   1602±8   MHz L1 Glonass
Center Frequency   1176 ±10   MHz L5
Antenna Impedance   50   Ω  


LNA Gain 24   30.5 dB  
Antenna Gain 0   3.5 dB  
Noise Figure   1   dB  
Operating Temperature -40 -40 +85 ˚C  
V.S.W.R     2    
Cable 2.97 3 3.03 M RG174 Standard
Mounting         Magnetic base
Housing color         Black